Introduction to Akkadian

While on my much-needed one year hiatus from my standard school studies, I knew that I wanted to continue to develop myself.  So, aside from just continuing my Hebrew studies, I\’ve also been assembling a list of resources to study on other ANE history, religion, language, and literature.  I just got in my first book, and I\’m pretty excited to begin digging into it.

Since I\’ve been wanting to learn a cuneiform language for some time, and was told that Akkadian would be the most useful for my area of study.  After reading a number of reviews, I thought that Richard Caplice\’s Introduction to Akkadian (Amazon $17.95) would be a good start.  The main reason this was suggested to me, as opposed to Marcus or Huengaurd, is that the signs are actually large enough to read without a magnifying glass.  Having learned Hebrew from Jacob Weingreen\’s A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew (Amazon $50.74), which has print so small and so poor that it is many times impossible to distinguish Shegol from Sere, and Sere from Pathah, etc., I knew that I wanted to begin with something that was visually possible before moving onto another grammar. 

What other Akkadian resources would any of you recommend/used?

Also, what other resources would you recommend for me to acquire/study/read during my year of complete academic independence?

Published by Jared Saltz

Biblical Studies Faculty (Florida College). PhD candidate at HUC-JIR. Husband, father, student.

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