Scholarship Opportunities for Archeological Digs

Since most of my readers are interested in either biblical studies, ancient near eastern studies, or both, most of us have considered going on an archeological dig at some point in their lives. However, if any of you are like me––that is, poor grad students––then this hasn\’t been feasible unless you receive funding from your institution.  However, there are some possibilities available if you\’re interested.

B.A.R. offers a scholarship to those who would be otherwise unable to attend (details here).  To apply, you\’ll need to \”simply send a letter to BAS dig scholarships, 4710 41st St., NW, Washington, DC 20016, or send it by e-mail to, stating who you are, where and why you want to dig—and why you should be selected for a scholarship. We require your mailing address, email address, phone number and the names, addresses and phone numbers of two references. Applications must be received by April 1, 2011.\” 

If you\’re a member (or your institution is) of ASOR, there are two scholarship opportunities (Heritage Excavation Grant and Platt Excavation Grant) that you should definitely look into. 

These really are great opportunities for those of us who haven\’t had the opportunity to go on an archeological dig before.  Perhaps you\’ll finally get to go to Khirbet Qeiyafa with Luke Chandler?

Published by Jared Saltz

Biblical Studies Faculty (Florida College). PhD candidate at HUC-JIR. Husband, father, student.

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