Beginning at the End: Structure and Solomon

“Check me out. I’ve got blonde hair! That’s how I know this is a dream.” -Solomon Good writing has structure. What we see at the beginning prepares us for what comes at the end. Better writing prepares us at the beginning for what comes at the end without making it obvious. On other words, itContinue reading “Beginning at the End: Structure and Solomon”

Dismembering the Body, Disbanding the People: Judges 1

Every other Fall at Florida College, I get the chance to teach a one-credit hour class covering Judges and Ruth. It’s a blast. It’s usually populated with Juniors and Seniors, most of whom I’ve had for other (sometimes numerous other) courses, so I know most of them and they know me. Because it’s a one-hourContinue reading “Dismembering the Body, Disbanding the People: Judges 1”