Theology of Exodus in Kings: Solomon’s Pharaonic Shadow

Ron Hendel notes, “The exodus from Egypt is a focal point of ancient Israelite religion. Virtually every kind of religious literature in the Hebrew Bible—prose narrative, liturgical poetry, didactic prose, and prophecy—celebrates the exodus as a foundational event. Israelite ritual, law, and ethics are often grounded in the precedent and memory of the Exodus. …Continue reading “Theology of Exodus in Kings: Solomon’s Pharaonic Shadow”

Reading Genesis and Reading Joseph: Land

Whenever you come to a particular pericope (yes, pericope, not periscope Microsoft Word!) there are a few questions that you should ask. What is the point of this single narrative episode? In other words, if this text existed in a vacuum, how would we interpret it if the only context we had was the contextContinue reading “Reading Genesis and Reading Joseph: Land”

Jerusalem II: The Tour Guide Strikes Back

After a relatively easy first few days, day three is really when we got started.  Our day started outside of the Jaffa Gate to the old city and we proceeded to tour the outside of the walls with David Illan. Looking at the Jaffa Gate from the inside of the Old City.  The Jaffa gateContinue reading “Jerusalem II: The Tour Guide Strikes Back”

Graduate School Advice

During my HUC orientation, we had some excellent times provided for us to get to know the faculty and other graduate students in our departments (often over a wonderful breakfast, lunch, or dinner).  At one point, myself and other new Graduate students–both those from the PhD programs and the MA programs–solicited advice from those more experienced thanContinue reading “Graduate School Advice”

Tools for Students: Building Vocabulary

As graduate students, especially PhD students, in Biblical Studies one of the most difficult aspects of the program are the multiplicity of foreign languages we have to master (or at least interact with). For students of the New Testament, that almost guarantees Greek (whether Classical, Hellenistic, or Koine) and Latin (whether Classical or Ecclesiastical). BtContinue reading “Tools for Students: Building Vocabulary”

Planning for Success

I\’m reallybad at following plans. I know they\’re important, I just have a hard time sticking to them.  So, even though I\’m not a procrastinator (normally), I still end up doing too much too late.  And, as projects and papers get harder and longer the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach starts to work less and less. Although Nathan Ward might disagree.Continue reading “Planning for Success”

New Beginnings: Cincinnati

I-75 N coming to the Cincinnati Bridge from Northern Kentucky (Photo by Jared W. Saltz) First off, let me say this: Cincinnati is a pretty neat city. It is both a historic city, with great old buildings, classic architecture, and old Philadelphia-style planning (look it up if you\’re not sure what I\’m talking about!). However, it\’sContinue reading “New Beginnings: Cincinnati”

Tools for Students: Moving

As mentioned before, I was offered and accepted admission and funding to Hebrew Union College (HUC) in Cincinnati, OH.  I\’ve been excited about the school ever since I first visited in 2010 because of the quality of education, program history, access to the great Greco-Roman program at University of Cincinnati (through a consortium arrangement), and library.Continue reading “Tools for Students: Moving”