Ben Neviim: The Prophetic School

The Wise Woman of Tekoa / The Death of Absalom by Janet Shafner

Biblical narratives are often approached simply as “children’s tales,” but–as in all stories–there is far more hidden beneath the surface.

Rembrandt’s Judah and Tamar

Readers in the Modern West tend to dismiss the importance of biblical laws, but reading them into narratives helps provide the background necessary to re-interpret misunderstood stories.

The Law Collection of Hammurabi

The ancient world wasn’t the same as our own, but if we read it in the same way we’ll miss things we should have noticed.


Reading texts as part of broader, rather than individual narratives can provide literary advantages.


Reading groups of texts into particular topics can be one way to read texts across authors and times.


Tis the Season, whatever season it may be, to look at thematic texts or topics.

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