Masoretic Text vs. Septuagint: Minor Theological Changes

Now that we’ve briefly covered what the Masoretic Text (MT) and Septuagint (LXX) are, we can go back and explain some of the differences that arose from purposeful emendation rather than from scribal accident. Now, don’t get me wrong, scribal errors are cool too, but lots of folks have talked about such things already. WhatContinue reading “Masoretic Text vs. Septuagint: Minor Theological Changes”

What is the MT?

“One thing is clear: it should not be postulated that the Masoretic text better or more frequently reflects the original text of the biblical books than any other text. Furthermore, even were we to surmise that the Masoretic Text reflects the ‘original’ form of Scripture, we would still have to decide which form of theContinue reading “What is the MT?”

When David met Saul: Contradictions, the OG, and the MT

The text of our Protestant English Bibles include two different “meetings” for King Saul and Future-King David. The first “meeting” comes about when God’s spirit torments Saul so that he needs the soothing power of music. Saul’s courtiers find David, the son of Jesse, a mighty warrior, well spoken, and generally the type of personContinue reading “When David met Saul: Contradictions, the OG, and the MT”