Return to Productivity

Well, I\’m now back from my quite long break.  There have quite a number of goings-on since I last posted, first and foremost among them is my finished thesis and course-work for my MA.  Once I get my finished copy back, I\’ll try and find some way of posting it here in pdf form for those of you who might be interested in looking at it. 

The break was equally productive, giving me time to spend time with family and friends as well as pursuing my plethora of non-academic interests which had lain on the wayside while I was finishing my MA.  While many of my friends often spend their school breaks to catch up on academic reading or other research, I\’ve always found it more helpful to attain to a very strict non-academic schedule.  While I do continue to read through my BHS (check out the Miqra\’ Group\’s 2 year read through!), I otherwise \”waste\” my time.  This break I read caught up on my other reading  (Brandon Sanderson\’s Mistborn trilogy was most enjoyable), television, and––most importantly!––rest and relaxation! My wife and I were complete bums; it was wonderful. 

Refreshed and re-focused, I look forward to getting back to my academic interests and endeavors and maybe even semi-regular blogging!

P.S., those who are similarly interested in the juxtaposition of sci-fi literature and biblical studies might want to look at the (now old news) possibility offered by James McGrath for a SBL session.

Published by Jared Saltz

Biblical Studies Faculty (Florida College). PhD candidate at HUC-JIR. Husband, father, student.

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