Publishing and Reviewing Journal Articles

It\’s understood that one of the primary scales on which applicants for jobs, tenure—and sometimes even admission into programs!—are based is their publishing record.  Journal articles are a huge part of that scale, but in some schools (especially smaller ones), the \”hows\” and \”whys\” aren\’t emphasized or even explored.

It\’s for that reason that I am so appreciative of Robert Holmstedt\’s two posts over at his and John Cook\’s blog (Ancient Hebrew Grammar).  The first post discusses some of Robert\’s experience (and failures) in submitting articles for publication in journals and how he reacted to them.  The second post discusses his thoughts on acting on the review board for some of the same journals.  
Though for a different field, Lennard Davis tells us What [He] Tell[s] [His] Graduate Students over at ProfHacker.  I think professors in any discipline would be well served by taking his advice for better-preparing graduate students ahead of time for the often-cut-throat world of the academe. 
Is anyone else aware of other resources/discussions for first publishing or presenting that would be helpful to students?  Oddly, I\’ve found such discussions to be somewhat spare on the biblioblogosphere in spite of a number of highly qualified bloggers who could weigh in (hint hint).

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Biblical Studies Faculty (Florida College). PhD candidate at HUC-JIR. Husband, father, student.

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