First Time in Cincy

As mentioned previously, I\’m currently in the process of finding out where I\’m going to pursue my PhD. One of the schools on my shortlist (though it\’s far less certain whether I\’ll be on theirs!) is Hebrew Union College. (Cincy Campus.)  Several of my Hebrew professors are HUC grads, and they all vigorously recommended that I visit the campus. 

So, I took a plane from Tampa to Baltimore which enabled me to connect to my flight to Louisville, so that I could drive to Cincinnati.  Ironically, I took two planes and a two-hour car trip just to end up on the same highway that is about 100 yards from my house — I-75.

I\’ve never been to Cincy before, so I made sure to get here early to see the city a bit before I had to be at HUC. I always like exploring new cities, and if I\’m going to live here for a few years, I should certainly figure out whether I liked it.  So, I paid for parking and walked to Skyline Chili (which Luke Chandler insisted that I visit) and got a Cheese Coney and Chili Three-Ways (an odd but delicious combination of spaghetti and chili).  After that, I walked to the University of Cincinnati to visit their Classics Library.  It\’s only a short walk away from HUC, and I thought that I would see what resources they had for the Classics aspect of my future research if I ended up in Cincy for my degree.  I\’m currently blogging from there as we speak, but will head back to HUC shortly.

This is the first time that I\’ve \”visited\” a potential school, and it\’s certainly a new experience.  However, by the end of November I will have visited at least three more, so by then I\’ll be an old pro.  I\’m certainly looking forward to learning more about HUC and I\’ll keep this updated as I go.

Published by Jared Saltz

Biblical Studies Faculty (Florida College). PhD candidate at HUC-JIR. Husband, father, student.

2 thoughts on “First Time in Cincy

  1. Spaghetti with chili is awesome. My family also adds lettuce (though I personally do without it). Are you going to be visiting Chicago on your grand collegiate tour?


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